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Sometimes very funny, sometimes very tedious (after over two and a half hours of film projection!), And sometimes openly and shamelessly pornographic: there are oral, and anal and vaginal sex four women, four men, and even … the female gorilla, who were all together one dark rainy night in a remote mansion, built in the Gothic style. Absolutely independent “movie for adults”, filmed in 1975, then only thirty years of age-director Kurt McDowell (he died 12 years later from AIDS), which is a parody of everything – from “psychosis” to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Night of the Living Dead” George Romero from Hollywood love stories meaningful to copyright works on the transience of human existence. And the picture of “Thunder!” Obviously provokes it to give it a much more scandalous title: Well, for example, “The Night of the standing members.” And one of these people kinobazy imdb rightly observed: “This is probably the strangest of all porn ever made”

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