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Genre: JAPAN
Kualitas: Durasi: 1:12:00 MenitDilihat: 120 views

 Even as a college student, her mind has not changed. My friend Mika’s childhood friend Junichi and colleagues from college friends surfing club members.Junichi’s heart is not at ease when she looks 20-year-old Mika who is in love with an unrealistic person. One day, she tells Mika that she likes Junichi, in fact, and requests cooperation. And surf club In the summer camp, I went to Eguchi’s pension and learned that I was given a lesson. To meet with Eguchi, a quick surf club Mika who joined and left the camp. Eguchi is not aimed at surfing, but it was a secret to other staff, Your Excellency tells Eguchi that fact. And when she realized that Mika was rich, she suddenly approached Mika … Junichi, who thought something was suspicious, Try to divide. In fact, Junichi has always liked Mika. Junichiro’s sudden confession, Mikado slowly his own As she realizes her heart and is pushed to the edge by money, Eguchi tries to force her to distress her. Junichi who rescued Mika. The sweet love of the two of them makes a pretty fruit.


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