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This picture of Brian De Palma’s still no luck. For some reason it took seriously and reproached the Director is not only the explicit imitation of Alfred Hitchcock (the story of the «Substitution body» resonates with his films «a Window into the yard» and «Vertigo», which, however, was already in the ribbon «Sisters», filmed De Palma a decade earlier), but to himself. An actor Jake Scully, besides suffering from claustrophobia, in the evenings watching through a telescope for the neighboring house, where live performer Striptease. Once he becomes a witness of her sex murder, begins his own investigation, not knowing what was, in fact, the object dexterous manipulation crimes. And «pornstar», and actor – only marionettes, figureheads in a larger game.

The history of “Body Double” deliberately complicated, «double vision» and even «triangles the mirror maze of cunning intrigues. The viewer constantly purchased in the Directors provocations and false moves. First of all, confusing and incomprehensible genre tape. Instead of the usual «chiller» De Palma, frightening and shocking, is the picture, which, along with the fear felt scorn and mockery of the author, is also playing a kind of «substitution». Not casually after viewing it seems, that you’re just left out in the cold and that you played great. Therefore, it would be in vain several times to scroll final to understand for themselves: not if all that happened protagonist, as he was in a lethargic state, lying in a coffin during the samples at the Studio?! Unfortunately, this self-parody Brian De Palma, his ‘ farewell and forgive me», said the genre of «terrible» films (although, once again, he couldn’t resist and eight years later still put psychopathological Thriller «raising Cain»), to evaluate not all.

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